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Planning your estate can be a wonderful gift for your family and for you. You can be sure that your assets are protected and that they will be distributed according to your wishes. Additionally, a well thought out estate plan will include health care directives and powers of attorney that voice your decisions in the event you become disabled and are unable to communicate them for yourself.


Whether one has a new family or is enjoying golden years, we can help to draw up a will that meets individual needs and ensures that one’s plan for the family’s future is carried out.

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For parents with young children, we assist in creating a will that designates caregivers and to design a plan to ensure that the children’s needs are met – also in the case where a child has special needs.

Our firm can assist in preparation of a living will to ensure that end-of-life wishes are carried out. We can establish a power of attorney so a trusted loved one can make medical and financial decisions if needed.


John Bump & Michael Moore has experience in a broad range of additional estate planning areas including:

  • Trusts: For protection of assets and to make property transfers simpler and less public.
  • Living Wills: To ensure that one’s family understands the wishes of a loved one in the event they can no longer express them.
  • Power of Attorney: To enable others to act on one’s behalf in making medical decisions and managing finances.
  • Probate: To assist with wills, guardianships for disabled adults and minors, and other matters that are handled in probate court.
  • Decedent's Estate: To help settle the estate of a loved one that has died.
  • Guardianship: To assist in petitioning for guardianship when a loved one is no longer capable of self-care.

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