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John, Bump & Michael Moore has represented hundreds of clients in child support matters, including unique cases involving self-employed persons and cases where both parents had high incomes. We represent clients in matters involving:

  • Child support
  • Back child support judgments
  • Modification of child support requirements
  • Enforcement of child support orders

At our firm, we believe that persons receiving child support should receive all the child support required by law. We also believe that a person responsible for paying child support should not pay more than the law requires.

The State of Minnesota made significant changes to the child support laws in 2007. If you have questions about your situation, please contact us to schedule an appointment: 952-545-5000


The size of child support payments is dependent on the incomes of both parties. The State of Minnesota offers an online calculator which can help you get started with the process. Although, determining the correct level of child support may require investigation and research. Special problems arise in cases where a parent is self-employed or unemployed.


In issues related to support and property division, we are dedicated to protecting the financial future of our clients. With dedication and attention to detail, we provide the analysis of your financial situation that is required.

At John, Bump & Michael Moore we are divorce attorneys dedicated to serving families in Hennepin County, Minneapolis, and communities throughout the Twin cities area. Call us at 714-644-7245 for a free phone consultation.