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Going through a divorce doesn't automatically mean having to endure the turmoil that is often associated with it. Collaborative divorce was developed as an alternative to the highly confrontational, conventional divorce. It is a relatively new option for divorcing couples to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court. The Collaborative divorce offers couples a more humane approach to ending their relationship and is especially effective when children are involved. A few of the benefits of a Collaborative Divorce are listed below:

  • Improved input from the children. Children are given a voice in the process, alleviating potential trauma that sometimes lasts for generations.
  • Increased control during the divorce process. Decision making is directly in the hands of the spouses involved in divorce rather than the attorneys or judge.
  • Reduced time to complete the Divorce. The focus on collaboration and mutual respect can reduce the time it takes to resolve issues that arise during the divorce.

Collaboration changes the notion of divorce from an adversarial experience to a problem-solving, constructive experience.

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In a Collaborative Divorce, clients agree not to go to court. Communication is vastly improved during a Collaborative Divorce because the process is more open and less confrontational. As a result, couples are able to lay the foundation for a healthier relationship during and after the divorce.


The Collaborative Approach is team based. The process involves attorneys, divorce coaches, a financial specialist and, if needed, a child specialist. These professionals work as co-equal problem-solvers, rather than adversaries. As issues arise, the most qualified professional identifies solutions that will most effectively bring resolution.


To start the Collaborative Divorce process, each spouse selects an attorney. The attorneys will then help the parties decide whether to use personal coaches or a single neutral divorce coach. The divorce coaches provide emotional support to both parties during the divorce.

The next phase of the process consists of one-on-one meetings between the parties and the coaches to gather information and to enhance communication, self-management and negotiation skills which are useful during the divorce process. The neutral financial specialist will meet with both parties to gather the necessary financial data. The child specialist, if needed, will meet with the child(ren) to assess any special concerns. The child specialist with the parents and their coaches help develop a co-parenting plan unique for your children.

During the final phase, the focus is on exploring options and settling issues. Each spouse will meet with their attorneys, divorce coach(es) and financial specialist to reach the final agreement. Once completed, both parties craft a final settlement, together with their attorneys.

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