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Should I stay friends with ex wife?

Not every post-divorce relationship will be friendly. Remaining friends can also be problematic if the decision to divorce wasn't mutual. If one spouse is still clinging to hopes of reconciliation, trying to maintain a friendly relationship right away can lead to rejection and more hurt feelings.

Should I tell my ex I still have feelings for him?

If your ex is single, then it's perfectly fine to get in touch and let him know that you still have feelings for him and might want to get back together, as long as that's what you want. In some cases, you may feel you have to let him know that you're still in love with him, even if he's seeing someone.

What are the odds of an ex coming back?

Do exes come back? You receive a lot of mixed messages when you begin wondering about your chances of getting back with your ex. Depending on your age, the type of situation you are in or your marital status, your chances of getting back together run from ten to sixty-five percent.

Why has my ex gone quiet?

Your Ex Might Be Observing You Sometimes silence means that the other person is highly impacted by what is going on. For example, if your ex was just cool and casual with this breakup and life in general, it wouldn't be a big deal for them to contact you. But your ex is possibly experiencing some difficulty.

Why would an ex ignore you?

When your ex is ignoring you, it could be because he is busy trying to find love again from another person and you could be a distraction to making that happen, hence, he ignores you very often. His newfound love could make him so blind, he doesn't notice your presence again.

Why is my ex ghosting?

Such ghosting is called relationship ghosting—and it occurs when the ghoster feels overwhelmed with guilt and shame—and gets scared of seeing his or her partner react strongly to the breakup. This is why it's important to understand that the ghoster isn't a strong person.